Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

Itasca County has seen the invasion of many disruptive plants, animals and diseases in recent years.  More are on the way.

Here is a 2016-17 report on the risk factors for AISin 50 Itasca County Lakes:

Itasca_AIS Risk Assessment

The State of Minnesota has provided significant funding to the counties, including Itasca, for efforts to prevent the spread of AIS.  This funding will supplement, not replace, existing efforts led by the DNR, IWLP, MN Extension, the Itasca Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA), and private donations to Lake Associations.

This page will provide information, news and materials for you use in Newsletters and websites to spread the word about what we all can do to help in this important effort.  Aquatic invaders, such as Eurasian Millfoil, Zebra Mussels, or Curly-leaf Pondweed (all in Itasca County) can cause serious problems for recreation, water quality and habitat.  Feel free to use the posters, flyers, and announcements found here in a responsible manner.

AIS information available from the DNR for your accesses, meetings, newsletters and websites.  Log on to the DNR website where you can find brochures (both printed or electronic), signs and DVDs:

The DNR brochure passed around at the meeting is numbered: EWR-226-16.

The AIS DVD "MN Waters at Risk" is free, and can be downloaded or ordered/mailed.

The access sign "Stop Aquatic Hitchhikes can be ordered/mailed.

Itasca County YouTube on AIS called "Preserving Outdoor Traditions" (with scary underwater shots of Starry Stonewort), to which you can provide a link on your website:

Link to Itasca County AIS Facebook Page

What You Can Do about AIS

Understanding AIS and Prevention

FAQ about County Funding for AIS from County Association

Information Sheet on Euraisian Watermillfoil

Information Sheet on Curly-leaf Pondweed  (more to come on other AIS)

DNR Advisory Committee Report on AIS  (larger file)

Powerpoint on Zebra Mussels  (very large file–contact ICOLA President Nelson for access)