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Julie Miedtke will be contacting Lake Association folks to offer training on AIS identification.  Her dates are June 3rd in Marcell, and June 24 in Grand Rapids Fairgrounds, both 6-8pm.  She will send more information.

Our next meeting will be on June 17 at the courthouse, 7pm.

This will be a regular ICOLA meeting, with updates on the county Aquatic Invasive Species Program and the Community Action Projects sponsored by ICOLA.

Please consider applying for an AIS Community Action Project grant (see below for application).

Background about the AISP can be found here: PSA about Itasca AISP

The Summary and basic budget of the AISP is here:  AISP Summary

The Community Action Projects Aplication is here:  CAP Application

For more information contact Bill Grantges, AISP Coordinator:

Bill Grantges



Twitter @IC_AIS

PO BOX 189, Grand Rapids MN 55744

Tom Nelson, President, 246-2588

Stephanie Kessler, Vice President, 326-1130

Jan Sandberg, Secretary, 612-964-3324
Patty Gould-St.Aubin, Treasurer,